If you’re looking for the most advanced window film on the market, here it is. Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle series offers the latest in ceramic window film technology. The unique technology utilized to produce the Pinnacle Series of films makes it the most state-of-the-art automotive film today. With the advanced electronic systems in today’s vehicles, it is imperative that a window film allow optimum performance at all frequencies. The advanced technology utilized in manufacturing the Pinnacle Series provides a proprietary non-metallized, non-conductive, ceramic technology film with maximum heat reduction, maximum ultraviolet rejection, excellent optical clarity and blockage of up to 90% of IR heat!
The Pinnacle Series is offered in 4 shades 15%, 30%, 40%, 50% visit our showroom for a demo of the Pinnacle Formula One window tint and learn why ceramic technology should be in mind when choosing your next Automotive Window Tint!


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