Do you have a beautiful open great room full of windows? Heat and Glare control is a matter of reducing the suns visible light. Generally the darker the window film you choose, the more light it will block therefore the more heat & glare it will reduce. An easy solution is LLumar residential window film which is available in a variety of shades from dark to light including the Dual Reflective Series and Neutral Series, you’ll be able to enjoy your view while staying more comfortable in your home.

One of the largest benefits of tinting your home is the heat rejection it provides, when you reduce heat you take a load off of your AC unit which in terms provides Engergy $avings! We offer a wide range of films to choose from. Each film has specs including TSER “Total Solar Energy Rejection” VLT “Visible Light Transmission”….the lower the number, the darker the film. There’s often other objectives, such as fade protection, heat reduction and privacy. Often times when consumers think of tinting for their home they think of dark window tint that will obscure their view. Usually its the exact opposite, window film helps reduce light and glare which makes the view much more pleasant during daylight hours in direct sunlight. For a free no obligation in home estimate please contact our office to schedule an appointment. 636-327-8468
(Product Shown: Llumar DR15%)


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