Is your vehicle already tinted? That’s great! More than likely your front windshield is untouched and we can provide the ultimate protection installing Llumar Air80 which utilizes non-conductive ceramic technology with 43% heat rejection, maximum UV rejection and excellent optical clarity. In most states dark tinted windshields are illegal, Llumar Air80 is perfect for your vehicle windshield since it’s virtually clear and will still provide excellent heat rejection. We can also add a visor strip on top of Air80 better known as a sunstrip to reduce glare from entering the top portion of the front windshield. Call our sales team today at (636)327-8468 to see how adding Llumar Air80 window film to your existing windshield can create a world of comfort!

Llumar Air80 also known as Air Blue offers a 78% Visible Light Transmittance which does not interfere with visibility day or night. This tint provides extremely effective protection against UV rays and infrared heat that generally penetrates through your vehicles windows during those hot summer months.


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      The Missouri tinting law states no vision reducing material can be applied to the front windshield of a motor vehicle. It’s pretty vague, several shops worldwide are installing Llumar Air80/90 without any issues. Please contact us for a quote or scheduling today. 636-327-8468

  1. In Florida there is a form your Dermatologist can sign that states that you have been treated for minor skin cancers and are advised to reduce exposure to the sun. You submit it to the DMV and keep it in your car after it is approved in case your tint is questioned.

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      You can also obtain a script from a dermatologist or optometrist in Missouri if you suffer from certain conditions which will allow darker than legal tint, take it to MO highway patrol for them to issue a permit.

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